Institutions are organizations where financial accounts are held. They are typically a company, such as J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., but can be other types of organization (e.g. a government).

Institutions have Platforms associated with them. Platforms are how users interact with their accounts at the Institution. For example, Bank of America has Business Advantage 360 - where SMB banking users interact with their accounts, and CashPro - where Commercial banking users interact with their accounts.

Use cases

  • Initialize Connect directly to a specific Platform. To do this, use the platform_id in your initialization token.
  • Provide a descriptive name of the Platform to users for them to identify their account easily--for example, using the Platform's display_name on "Connect your bank" buttons.
  • Disambiguate Platforms when multiple Platforms exist at an Institution, or multiple Institutions have similar names. The homepage_url will be recognizable by the bank user as the website at which they manage their accounts online.
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